Tuesday, June 15, 2010

True Blue Brazil?

I can imagine this is going to go down like a lead balloon in certain quarters of Scottish football:

Donald Findlay, who was forced to resign as vice-chairman of Rangers in 1999 after he was filmed singing sectarian songs at a supporters function, last night returned to football when he was named the new chairman of Cowdenbeath.

Not a minefield that I have much interest in wading through. I've no time for Donald Findlay, abhor what he did. But, as he himself would no doubt argue persuasively in court, is everyone not deserving of a second chance?

The bigger story, one that will probably be buried beneath the Findlay headlines, is that Cowdenbeath seem to have come back from the brink:

The club's position was stabilised by promotion to the First Division and the active involvement of the Cowden Action Group of fans which led to last night's announcement of a new board of ten directors including five supporters' representatives.

They need to act quickly to appoint a manager who can prepare them for what I suspect will be an arduous season ahead. But they do at least have a season to look forward to, that didn't look like it might be the case a few months ago.

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