Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shoes 4 Life

Way back when, in those giddy days before we'd ever heard of the Jabulani, I mentioned the good people at

So I'm happy to turn this post over to Lauren Bradley of that parish to promote their fantastic Shoes 4 Life campaign:
The World Cup being hosted in South Africa is a big step forward for the nation of South Africa and the entire continent of Africa. Billions of South African Rand are entering the country, and it is getting a lot of media exposure. The World Cup is a great celebration that unites the world.

Soccer equipment retailer is celebrating in their own way. They're raising awareness of those who are less fortunate in Africa (and throughout the world) who do not have shoes. When a family barely has enough more to eat and provide shelter, the purchasing of shoes can be missed if funds aren't available. The lack of shoes can lead to injuries and infections which are amplified by the poor ground conditions and lack of urgent medical treatment. has launched their Shoes 4 Life charity to raise money to buy shoes for those in need. $1 buys one pair of shoes. But the pair of shoes gives more than just foot protection: it prevents future health risks, expands the potential of the individual to get more done, and it provides hope. Please think about donating.

In return to those who donate, SoccerPro is giving away free soccer shoes. There will be multiple winners who get free shoes of their choice over the next four years.

We're all celebrating the World Cup in our own unique ways. Donating to Shoes 4 Life is just one way to be able to feel good about yourself and make a real difference in the world - and who knows, even win some free gear.
Thanks to Lauren and good luck to everyone involved with campaign.

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