Monday, June 21, 2010

Motherwell visit the gods

Motherwell will play Iceland's Breidablik when they kick off the SPL's 2010/2011 Europa League challenge.

The first leg will be played at Fir Park on 1st July with the return match played seven days later.

Not much of a holiday for Craig Brown and his players.

Breidablik's home town is Kópavogur where, apparently, they are the smaller of the two clubs.

Still, there's no easy games in Europe these days, a wisdom that we might write of as a cliché if Scottish teams weren't so hell-bent on proving it to be a truism.

More on Breidablik here. (A translation might be required.)

Breidalbik was where the Norse god Baldur lived.

Baldur was associated with light, beauty, love and happiness.

Kind of like a Norse Craig Brown then.

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