Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Love thy neighbour

How sweet to be listening to another nation in the throes of a footballing identity crisis.

That's not gloating by the way.

A lot of England's problems are the same as ours:

A certain difficulty in bringing quality youngsters through. Check.

Glaring technical deficiencies. Check.

Soul searching over importing a manager. Check.

Travelling to a World Cup with misguided expectations. Check.

Aye, we've been there.

But the SFA should be thinking of making a few quid out of English discomfort.

They're calling for a root and branch review of the game.

And we've got one ready made. Gathering dust in George Peat's drawer, tucked away under the whisky bottle.

Let's sell them the McLeish Report. It's not doing any good here.

Obviously they'd need to change certain things and give it a bit of time. And we'd need to send someone else down to do the deal. After all, would you buy an unused review of the national game from For Peat's Sake?

Remember though: In six months time, when the Prescott Report is launched at Wembley and Peat slinks off to the Bahamas lighting his cigar with a £50 note, you read it here first.

I've not actually been reading too much of the immediate England post mortem around the press and blogs.
But I enjoyed Stuart Maconie in yesterday's Mirror. And Rob Marrs has gone all forensic with an interesting Autopsy.

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  1. Great post- you're right the comparisons are there. I think this world cup has generally been a disappointment.