Monday, June 07, 2010

Lennon signs on

Finally an SPL club get their Lennon.

My first reaction to Danny Lennon's appointment at St Mirren was positive. Obviously it's not a bank busting move but these are straitened times.

Just reward for Lennon's excellent season at Cowdenbeath and the Buddies' board to be applauded for a brave move. No doubt they looked to Craig Levein's run at Hearts after stepping up from Cowden.

Does history repeat itself? Who knows? But full marks for shunning the orthodox SPL managerial roster.

There's two side to every story though.

Here's a St Mirren fan's reaction from Twitter (@_Jock):

"It was confirmed this afternoon that Danny Lennon has been appointed as the team manager at St Mirren Football Club" Whoop de fuckin' do.

@ScotFootBlog Daft to have got rid of Gus before sale went through. New owner should pick manager. Appointment shows low ambitions.

@ScotFootBlog The redundancies make it look like a "fire sale" is on the cards. So am surprised they have taken on more staff.

@ScotFootBlog New board will have their own ambitions, just hope they're footballing ones.

Maybe my optimism is misplaced. Will Lennon have been given assurances about his position after any sale? Is that sale likely to go through in the short term?

All that remains unclear. I still think this is an admirable move by St Mirren. Unfortunately it also seems to raise some questions that nobody is providing answers to.

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