Friday, June 25, 2010

Graham Taylor and the Budget

So. The budget.

Being poorer than I was before. Just what the accountant ordered.

The next time you happen to see Nick Clegg or Danny Alexander can I suggest borrowing a few lines from Graham Taylor to convey your displeasure:

“What a fucking budget. What a budget, eh, from Darling to Gideon. What a fucking… It was our economy.”

“We’ve done that fucking… CAN WE NOT CUT IT? They’ve done everything that we told them not to do. Everything that we told them not to do.”

“Lib Dems, Lib Dems, what sort of thing is happening here? You know it, you know it, don’t you? Absolutely disgraceful.”

“I’ll tell you, you don’t fucking deserve. Fucking. That is absolutely shocking.”

“You know we’ve been cheated, don’t you.”

“You can’t say anything. I know you can’t say anything. I know that.”

“But, you see at the end of the day, I get the sack. Will you say to the fella, the Chancellor has got me the sack.”

“Thank him ever so much for that, won’t you?”

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