Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eating the World Cup

If you're going to theme your diet around the World Cup you might as well do it in the most contrived way possible.

Making a late bid for the Crap World Cup Tie-In Of 2010 Award Morrison's have put these recipes on their website:
Gael Quiche with blue cheese: This powerful player is guaranteed to put in a strong performance with the whole family.

Robin van Pizza with green pesto: Start him up front or bring him on as an impact sub, he's sure to be popular with the fans.

Julio Ceasar Salad: A legend the world over, this reliable favourite is sure to save the day.

Carlos Tapas spicy prawn and chorizo: A pacy forward with plenty of zing up front - a certain match winner!
They even advise to check back later for more. Which sounds more of threat than they probably intended.

This will be life for the next month. And I say that as a big fan of the World Cup. It'll be life for a lot longer if you know who end up doing you know what.

Anyway examples of crap World Cup tie-in nonsense gratefully received.

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