Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2010 World Cup: Spain v Portugal

Strange approach from Portugal last night. Carlos Queiroz and his "let's not attack" tactics seemed odd.

David Villa to be the man of the tournament? Could be.

But the red card. What was that about?

First impression: Joan Capdevila should be suspended for the quarter final.

Second impression: Did Ricardo Costa actually elbow him before jumping for the ball? Was this the best refereeing decision of the tournament?

Third impression: I don't know. Despite all the cameras in the stadium. Bring on the technology. Makes things a lot clearer right enough.

Opinion: It's a harsh red card. Maybe there was a raised arm but contact? The intent remains debatable. Can't wait to see what FIFA do about it. Nothing. Probably.

Spain deserved to win though. I'm still not convinced they can win the World Cup. But Spain v Paraguay in the quarter final? Spain are in the semis.

Are these pictures of the moment elbow hits ear area? I'd not bet my house on it:

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