Sunday, May 02, 2010

Up and down

This blog is no place for another man's wet dreams.

But I'll point you in the direction of Inside Left's latest post anyway.

Seb - along with dreaming of Aberdeen winning the SPL - has been looking at promotion and relegation over the years.

It dovetails nicely with my post on Old Firm dominance and shows that clubs have struggled to retain their SPL status when promoted.

One of the things that struck me was that Inverness have this year become the first club since Hibs - inspired by Russell Latapy and Franck Sauzee, memories are indeed made of this - to get relegated and bounce straight back up.

I'd say that gives some indication of the strength of the First Division and nudges us towards the idea that an extension of the SPL wouldn't lead to a reduction in quality. (Quality in this instance being an entirely relative term.)

Still disagree with the Inside Left stance on the split, mind!

- In my comment on Seb's post I mention the stadia requirements for the SPL. With clubs struggling to fill their stadiums in the SPL is there not an argument to remove these restrictions to give the whole of the First Division a chance to aim for promotion?

I know this is harsh on the clubs who have had to scrimp, save and pile up debts to develop their grounds. But that argument doesn't change the fact that it is a rule that needs to be rethought. And if scrapping the rule means we save a few more clubs from racking up the kind of debts that would make Colin Hendry weep then that must be a good thing.

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