Thursday, May 06, 2010

Time to decide

So the polling stations are open. The talking, the talking about the talking and the talking about what the talking has done to the opinion polls is over.

Still undecided?

Why not base your vote on sport?

A pure footballing choice: Gordon Brown is a Raith Rovers fan, man and boy. David Cameron is a Villain - his uncle, Sir William Dugdale, was Aston Villa chairman. Nick Clegg, I'd guess, professes to support his local team in Sheffield. Or maybe both of them. Alex Salmond is Hearts through and through.

Here's Frank Keating:
Our imminently erstwhile prime minister Gordon Brown is at least a genuine copper-bottomed football man, his devoted apprenticeship honed as a regular Saturday schoolboy programme-seller outside Raith Rovers' stark and windy Stark's Park. Did I read somewhere that of all his duties as premier, Brown's proudest moment was being asked to unveil the handsome bronze statue in the Fife mining village Hill of Beath of the late, great Jim Baxter, Raith's most fabled football son?

Putting aside all considerations of competence or cock-up, it has been some sort of relief at least to have had an authentic sports lover at the helm of late, especially as sport to Brown's dreaded predecessor never meant anything more than a hey-look-at-me grin and a photo opportunity. May we be in for some more of that after tomorrow's vote? For David Cameron seems sportingly neuter, his people keeping mum about their boy's apparent lifetime love of Aston Villa since it was revealed that it was only because his uncle, Sir William Dugdale, had been the club chairman.
The most popularly unpopular English rugby player in Scotland, Brian Moore, argues for none of the above:
Any party that prioritised sport and promised to and did remove the swathes of unnecessary administration like the above and shredded large amounts of the red-tape surrounding sport might get my vote; but there isn’t one.
Not quite as simple as that, responds David Conn:
Those claims remain to be tested, but the facts, after 13 years, are clear. Unlike the Conservatives, who came to the 1997 election having overseen a ransacking of school and community sport, Labour arrives at this landmark election with a record of investment and improvement to defend.
Still finding it hard to decide? Then why not follow the advice given over at We Know SFA and just say Nope!

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