Thursday, May 06, 2010


Time, I think, to regain a degree of objectivity, to look at last night's game through the eyes of a neutral.

Even as my tears land forlornly on the keyboard.

It was a cracker, almost beyond description. I've spoken to people in the last four or five hours who I can honestly say I've never discussed Scottish football with before.

But it was that kind of result. The kind of result that makes people sit up and take notice.

You also have to pay tribute to Motherwell. They recovered from their own defensive madness to turn the screw when Hibs collapsed.

And in Lukas Jutkiewicz they had a player who not only refused to give up but who had the presence of mind to perform a little act of genius as late as the 93rd minute. I'm not sure I've seen a better goal in the SPL this season.

I bet those Motherwell fans who left at 6-2 are regretting it now. Not that they'll admit their early exit.

Let's hope that the kids who got in for a £1 are now smitten. It goes downhill from here, of course, but once you've got the bug that's you.

There's few better placed than the Motherwell manager to be the judge of the match and its place in the annals of the game. Here's Craig Brown:
It was pretty much the most amazing game I've been involved in as a manager.

They tell me there was a game here before between Motherwell and Aberdeen that finished 6-5 and the goalkeepers were Jim Leighton and Andy Goram. So it's not uncommon here. But I can't recall anything like it.

When I was coach of the (Scotland] Under-21s we were 4-1 down against Germany and won 5-4 in a quarter-final but I can't recall a game quite like this one.

I can't comment too favourably on the defending. Our goalkeeper didn't have a save to make and couldn't be faulted for any of the Hibs goals. The defenders in front of him could be.

At 6-2, I thought it was gone for us. I did tell the players at half-time, though, that a losing lead is dangerous psychologically. If you start losing a big lead in any sport, anything can happen. I have to commend the character of my team. I'm very proud of them. Many teams would have chucked it at 6-2 down.

If there had been another five minutes to play, I think we would have won the game. Hibs were out on their feet. I had told our players that Hibs tend to lose goals late in matches.

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