Thursday, May 27, 2010

Silly season

A few days away from the blog and the whole world goes crazy as Kris Boyd signs for Celtic.

Well, no he didn't. And was never going to.

It was nice little scoop while it lasted for The Sun. Which was about two and a half minutes.

How did it come about? Someone in Boyd's entourage looking to force the hand of either Rangers or other potential suitors? Somebody at Celtic wanting to have little fun at The Sun's expense?

Or the journalist - Iain King - simply making it up?

I don't know. Although I would say King and his editors were more likely guilty of wanting the scoop to be true after a dodgy tip off rather blatant fiction. Believe that, don't believe that. But it's probably what happened.

Anyway it gave The Sun another few pages the next day as they set about rebutting the rebuttals.

No legal action will be taken of course. No journalist will lose access to any of the named parties.

Clubs and papers know that this is how it works. Especially in "silly season." The journalists need their copy, the club's need the publicity. And so it goes on.

In other news Walter Smith signed on for another season at Rangers with a planned abdication in a year. That didn't work out too well the last time as I recall.

And congratulations to Peter Houston for signing a deal with Dundee United. Just reward for a job well done.

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