Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Money, managers and madness

Feeling a bit like an obituary writer at the moment, trying to find nice things to say about the season that has just passed.

It's not been all bad. Just some of it. Maybe most of it. Definitely not all of it though.

I've penned a paragraph or two for Inside Left's ongoing series of 2009/10 reviews:

It’s been intriguing and frustrating but it could hardly be called vintage. Half the clubs in the SPL failed to score an average of a goal game. The teams finishing in first, sixth and eleventh have a combined debt creeping towards £80 million. It’s hard to see how that can be sustainable in a country of our size with ever diminishing interest in the game.

Inside Left supremo Seb has had his say as well:

We said it before in another article on this site so we wont go down the road well travelled, but Rangers deserved their title. Despite all their problems, they won the league at a canter. A League Cup would have been matched by a Scottish Cup had it not been for United, and the less said about the European adventures the better, but worthy champions they are. The won the league against a backdrop of financial woes, but with every day bringing news of tax demands, a will-he-wont-he buyer and a bank-induced “buy one, get one free” players sale, it might not all be such plain sailing next season.

And John Hislop has taken a more indepth look at what was a fairly strange season at Easter Road:

Following the Hibs should prepare you for moments like this, but I was still in a state of shock next day. In fact that was probably the reason that a Tory got elected in Scotland, because even now, I have no idea who I voted for, and I suspect most Hibbys were the same.

All the articles above are available at the always reliable Inside Left. Read them!

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