Sunday, May 02, 2010

Buckie Thistle: Champions at last

This blog is guilty of ignoring the Highland League. That's because of geography, time and, frankly, ignorance.

But congratulations to Buckie Thistle for ending their long, long wait to be crowned champions. I gather the celebrations have been hearty and are ongoing.

Here's how the Buckie Thistle website reported the news:
The 52 year wait is over as the jags win against a very good wick side with a championship winning performance with goals from MARTIN CHARLESWORTH (2) and DAVID MACRAE (penalty).

The jags fans provided tremendous support throughout the match, the team played really well and the scenes at the end of the match as both fans and supporters celebrated on the pitch were tremendous.

All the players have now become legends in the town as has jags manager GREGG CARROL in what is a magnificent achievement for the club and buckie. The celebrations have begun and will continue through the weekend and beyond ,AWAY THE JAGS !!!!!!!!!!.

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