Saturday, April 17, 2010

The toys are hurled from the pram

Charlie Nicholas accused Dermot Desmond of treating Celtic like a toy. Neil Lennon hit back, sticking up for Celtic major shareholder.

Is this a story? Shock! Neil Lennon defends the man who will decide if he gets to do his dream job on a permanent basis.

Horror! Charlie Nicholas says something without really thinking it through.

You're not supposed to take what Charlie says seriously. He's there as a mild amusement or a mild irritant depending on your point of view.

Along with Jim White he forms a kind of Ant and Dec for Buckfast addicts. You might like to have a pint with him (if nothing else it would give you the opportunity to tell him to get a haircut more befitting of a man of his age.)

But you don't take him that seriously.

My advice: Charlie to keep his mouth shut. Neil to learn how and when to pick his fights if he really does want this job.

And the press to stop trying to engineer drama - have Celtic not given us all enough stories this year.

To happier times. Charles - and what a player he could be on his day - figures more than once in this goal of the season compilation:

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