Saturday, April 10, 2010

Super County go ballistic, Celtic are atrocious

Apologies for the headline. Hardly original. I'm guessing you'll see it more than once over the next 24 hours.

OK, so I called it wrong on my prediction post (not, thankfully, in the bookies).

Celtic 0 v 2 Ross County

I'll do a video printer on that. It's Celtic 0 (nil) v Ross County 2 (two).

The biggest result in the Scottish Cup's history? The worst result in Celtic's history? They're big claims and it's too early to make them.

But, dearie me, it's an absolute stunner of a result.

A fitting end for Celtic's season. The end of any hopes Neil Lennon had of taking over permanently. Can they raise themselves to secure second?

And the signal for yet more soul searching at Celtic Park. Time for the board to fall on their swords?

Questions for later. Today, in the match, Celtic were beaten by a better side.

So we should be celebrating Ross County's achievement. Which is huge, absolutely huge. A cup final. Knocking leading SPL teams out on the way. Magnificent.

Celtic were bad. But Ross County were better than them by quite a distance. Corners, attempts, territory. Celtic were dominated by the First Division side. County got everything they deserved. So, in a completely different way, did Celtic.

Earlier today I wrote:
Yes, they have a chance (and they will still be patronised by Sky Sports). Will they win? I think probably not. Do I hope they win? Absolutely. Celtic in the final is boring, a reward for a season of mismanagement that they don't deserve.
Nobody is patronising County now.

Not that I want to hijack Ross County's win. But. Is this not quite an argument for both the pyramid system and a larger SPL. I think it might just be.

Neil Lennon:
"Two things you can't give them is hunger and desire. And this team is really lacking in that department. You can see today why Tony lost his job, we've gone out of every competition with a whimper."
"Some of them [players] don't deserve to be here. They went out and took game for granted. We were living in hope at half time. 
"Major surgery, major surgery. Nowhere near good enough for Celtic. 
"You've got to call it as you see it. Totally unacceptable. Last chance of silverware, went out with a whimper. That's an indictement on me."

Craig Levein:
Biggest shock was how much County deserved to win it. Feel for Neil Lennon but unfortunately this will become all about Celtic, it should be all about Ross County."

"Neil's players should be hurting more than him but they won't be. He'll be feeling it more than anyone."

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