Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Lionel who?

Another Champion's League night and another English team crashes out. Best league in the world or not, it won't be an English club winning the right to lose to Barcelona in Madrid next month.

Barcelona. What a team. Lionel Messi. What a player. Think he'd get a decent haircut but he might just win the World Cup for Diego Maradonna's Argentina. Think about that, an addled fatty who gets bitten by his own dog masterminding a World Cup win. That's how good Messi is.

But it wasn't always the case. We used to look Barcelona in the eye and laugh, roll our sleeves up and beat the Catalonian fancy dans. And they didn't like it one bit, especially when Hibs beat them 3-2 at Easter Road in 1961.

That game features in The Guardian's Joy of Six feature on the Fairs Cup/UEFA Cup. As does Dundee United's famous 1987 win at the Nou Camp (a feat they also managed in 1967).

Jim McLean and John Clark. I'll see your Lionel Messi, and I'll raise you a grumpy old man and a fisherman from Fisherrow.

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