Thursday, April 08, 2010

Let us off the McLeish

Scottish football is crap, Scottish football is run by a cabal of incompetent plonkers, Scottish football is crippled by vested interests, Scottish football is dying.

I'd like to think I give the blog a little more flesh than that, even that I sometimes manage to entertain and encourage, if not a chortle, a little smile. But I am aware that a lot of my posts do revolve around those central themes.

Well, maybe now is the time to be a little more constructive.

A conversation with Left Back In The Changing Room's Rob on Twitter brought up the idea of a Blogger's Manifesto. The idea came from the continued non delivery of the McLeish Report and the belief that if the SFA wanted that to be a truly radical evaluation of the state of the game they would probably not have asked Henry McLeish to compile it.

More Than Mind Games and Left Back In The Changing Room have already posted asking for fellow bloggers to get in touch with ideas and suggestions and I'm happy to extend the same invitation. You can contact me on Twitter, leave a comment on this post or contact me using the links on this page.

Already today I've had conversations or read articles about artificial pitches, summer football, youth football and expanding the SPL. This year we've seen debate on a restructuring of the lower leagues, the introduction of a pyramid system and a hundred other ideas to get Scottish football moving again.

This is your chance to have your say. This is an idea in its early stages but the more people that come on board the more chance we have doing something worthwhile, the more people involved the greater the likelihood of producing a real (and I fear much needed) alternative to McLeish.

So, for now, it's over to you.


  1. I had wondered what happened to the report, i though that maybe due to the sheer distance I live form the land of crap football I had some how missed unvailing of a reporty more majestic than justifing public money to pay for some plumbing.

    They chose McLeish , it could be worse, we could have waited a little longer and asked Reid to do it.

    There is little hope for the Scottish game, apart from ripping it up and starting from scratch but whom has the guts to say that.

    My only real link with the beloved game is a lunch time flick through another chortling pun ridden blog from the missing third chuckle brother on the BBC. So i claim no relevant understanding.

    Like my spelling, I fear there is no hope, I get depressed just thinking about it. i almost wonder if this is all a sick population conrol experiment that soon all fans reach the point of no return and commit mass sucide in one damp Saturday afternoon, probably just past 5pm when the first talk back radio begin another predicatble theme.

    Some pull me back from the ledge!

  2. Thanks for posting this - am sure we can come up with something decent.

    BTW, are you getting the emails?