Saturday, April 10, 2010

Double fantasy

The romance of the Scottish Cup.

Ross County battle to their first semi final and are rewarded with that most traditional of kick off times. Yes, it's the much coveted 12.15 kick off at Hampden.

Not going to say anymore, a rant free weekend will help my equilibrium. Maybe I should try meditation. Or at least medication.

So County, the Staggies, the marauding clansmen, the brave highlanders, the plucky minnows, the pride of Dingwall. Today is their day in the sun. Have they got any chance? Or will they simply have to make do with being patronised by Sky Sports for a couple of hours?

Yes, they have a chance (and they will still be patronised by Sky Sports). Will they win? I think probably not. Do I hope they win? Absolutely. Celtic in the final is boring, a reward for a season of mismanagement that they don't deserve.

Celtic are still beatable. The cult of Neil Lennon may be growing but, in truth, he's not working miracles, hasn't given evidence of his genius. Celtic fans should probably be wary of giving him to much acclaim at this stage. It lets the board off the hook, allows them to go for the cheapest option. And what are Celtic left with? Another former player with absolutely no experience of managing a club of their size. Sound familiar?

A cup win of course would give Lennon instant karma and leave Tony Mowbray a jealous guy. Imagine.

I think Celtic will win today but I'll be disappointed if County don't give them a game.

In the Sabbath semi final Raith Rovers face Dundee United. I'd like to say I tipped United for the cup at the start of the season but that would be a lie. I'm sort of tipping them now though.

Right now United seem to have the kind of momentum that David Cameron would sell his granny for. Well, maybe not his granny. But definitely your granny or my granny. Or all non Bullingdon grannies.

I think they'll be too strong for Rovers and too professional to slip up against the First Division side. No chance of dancing on the street's of Raith tonight. Actually, win or lose, they'll be dancing in Kirkcaldy tonight. There's not much else to do. (Can any Fife based readers tell me if Caesar's is still the town's premier nightspot?)

United then to win by a comfortable margin.

And finally, a little video to wish Ross County luck:

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