Thursday, April 01, 2010

Case for the defence

Part Three of STV's Greatest Team.

Unfortunately I missed it because my holiday - which regular readers will be pleased to know is now back on track - is outside the STV region.

Thankfully, displaying the kind of determination that brought Heather Brooke the MP expenses scandal scoop, I have been able to track down the shortlist of defenders that Kelly Dalglish-Cates brought viewers tonight.

I did this by looking at the STV website.

I have no doubt that a Pulitzer is in the post.

The chosen few are:

Danny McGrain
Sandy Jardine
Tommy Gemmell
John Greig
Gordon McQueen
Willie Miller
Alex McLeish
Richard Gough
Billy McNeill
Alan Hansen

I'm keeping my powder dry vis a vis choices for a while longer yet. Except to say that if Danny McGrain isn't in your final back four then there's something wrong with you.

Next week 'keepers (I fear the shortlist will further depress Hibs fans - see how mighty you once were!) and managers.

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