Thursday, April 01, 2010

Another murder?

This is getting beyond a joke.

Another month, another club looking like it's about to disappear. This time Cowdenbeath.

A historic name in Scottish football about to become a historic relic. A club that has never achieved much but seems to make Scottish football just that bit more reassuring simply by being.

Sadly they play at a ground they can barely afford, on a pitch that is too small, surrounded by a stock car track that makes more money than the football club. Scottish football has come to this.

The most depressing thing about all this: it's just a cycle that we're too bloody stupid to stop. Cowdenbeath go bust, the SFL will invite somebody else to fill their place and carry on as usual.

The SFA have put a licensing system in place to ensure a certain quality of ground. If teams can't afford to comply they get fined. Because obviously most of our lower division clubs are the footballing equivalent of Lord Ashcroft. They could afford to pay the SFA's arbitary football tax but they choose not to. Because, well, there's others that can pay.

The most sickening thing I read about this whole situation was the SFA's reaction. Summarised simply as: "hell mend them."

Because the small minded idiots that are running this game love rules more than they love football, love the miserable thrill of power they get from causing misery more than they appreciate the idea of actually giving Scotland a football league that might actually do any more than encourage the game to stagnate.

So the SFA make their demands. And if you can't meet their demands then you'll be fined. Because they are the governors and you are only the football clubs trying to keep the game alive in communities that don't have much else going for them.

Beautiful system really.

Too simplistic? Possibly but for all their talk of the Scottish Football Partnership, the SFA are actually doing more to harm some of these teams than they are to help them. The footballing equivalent of a hospital full of Harold Shipmans. How can that be right?

The SFL simply shrug at every casualty and promptly elect another club to take their place. The footballing equivalent of First World War generals. How can that be right?

The story of Cowdenbeath is of more than a football club breathing its last. It's of Scotland's national game being slowly poisoned by the bodies that claim to govern it.

And how can any of that be right?

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