Friday, March 05, 2010

David tells it like it is

Soccerex in Manchester this week with delegates paying upwards of £795 to discuss the business of football with the great and good of the game.

A chance to develop your understanding of the game with men like our very own David Taylor.
Due to changes in UEFA's coefficient ranking table, the Scottish Premier League will receive just one place in Europe's elite club competition from the 2011-12 season onwards.

Taylor, who is now the UEFA events chief executive, told BBC Sport that the financial impact of the change will be felt by clubs across the country."It's a big blow," he said. "These are large sums of money which used to be coming into Scotland and in future these sums will not be invested in Scottish clubs, so it has to be a big negative."
That's the sort of searing insight that money just can't buy. Unless you're a delegate paying that £795 plus VAT to hear it.

If that's the genuine footballing knowledge it takes to rise to the top of UEFA then the Scottish Football Blog is waiting patiently for the invite to become president of FIFA.

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