Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A picture's worth?

I'm sure it was a Celtic supporter who once sang "every picture tells a story, don't it?"

Holding his head tonight, surely Tony Mowbray will be holding his P45 in the next couple of days.

Losing 4-0 to St Mirren is not acceptable. This, remember, is a team that looked like they'd never score again on Sunday afternoon. Suddenly Celtic are shipping four goals to them.
I'll take responsibility for the substitutions we made, we tried to be attack-minded, and left some young defenders pretty exposed.
We tried to be positive and we lost four goals. It's not the first time we've lost four goals this season.
We brush ourselves down for the next one, but I'll take responsibility for the way we asked them to play.
An admission of guilt from Mowbray. Who would bet on him getting the chance to "brush" himself down for the next one though?

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