Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In the bleak, midweek winter

I've only been keeping one eye on the fitba' this week because the weather's been much more interesting.

Clearly this is not the case if you're a fan of St Johnstone or Dundee United. If, like me, you were supposed to embark on your first camping trip of the spring yesterday, the sudden onslaught of snow, rain, wind and general crappiness has proved mildly diverting.

Thus I find myself updating you from the room of a rather pleasant bed and breakfast establishment overlooking the Solway Firth and protecting me from the howling wind. Actually this has turned out to be something of blessing as the comfort of being indoors is providing more succour to the badly poisoned foot blister I have somehow developed than sheltering under canvas.

This has not yet been the Easter getaway of my dreams.

Anyway, football carries on regardless.

Congratulations are due, of course, to St Johnstone, the SPL's midweek kings, for their splendid 4-1 win over Rangers. Obviously this will change the outcome of the SPL not one jot. It might just get St Johnstone on the run that will get them to the top six though.

And it will give the St Johnstone supporters something to laugh about for, ooh, the next sixty or so years.

Tonight Dundee United completed the second part of the "Battle for Third" double. With Motherwell beaten on Saturday, United finished the job with a 4-2 win at Easter Road.

They look certainties for third now. And who is to say, if Neil Lennon does not have the answers at Celtic Park, that United won't yet end up in a battle for second place?

That scenario is surely as heartening to the neutral as hearing that final score from Perth on Tuesday night.

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