Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ground control

Another cracking post from Inside Left with a fairly idiosyncratic guide to the stadium's of the SPL.

The links to Google Street View for each ground are interesting but it's the accompanying text that I enjoyed the most:

Dundee United
I’ve never liked Tannadump; you can’t fucking park anywhere, the away end is tucked away in some stupid corner where you can’t see anything and whenever I’ve been there to see Aberdeen play we always lose

It looks like being one of those stadiums that you find in every town planner and Chief Constable’s wet dream, to wit: out of sight, out of mind. What a dump. And it’s brand new anaw.

The Main Stand, designed by Archibald Leitch is one of the few remaining examples of classic stadia construction in Britain. It certainly is something to keep your mind off the urine and other assorted bodily fluids raining down on you from the top deck of the Broomloan Stand while your team is being slaughtered on the park.

The Spice of Life stand. Yes. It’s true. Bad name, dull stadium. Like St Mirren Park, the back of the main stand at New Douglas Park looks like the regional headquarters for a small to mid-size furniture chain.

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