Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Getting it wrong

I think we can probably now concede that Rangers have won the league. 13 points ahead after last night’s win they can now claim the title in just six games. Although even that might be quicker if Celtic, currently closer to fifth than first on points, throw anything more away.

A stunning achievement given the financial constraints and the sparseness of Walter Smith’s squad. Somehow Smith has kept them plugging away, although even he will be amazed by the way that Celtic have imploded.

More on all these things later in the season. For now though I thought I’d take a trip back in time. This is how I predicted the outcome of the SPL back in August:

Champions: Celtic, Celtic, Celtic. I said that last year but I'm even more convinced this time out that Rangers won't be able to match the pace Celtic set. Last year Rangers relied on a late push as Celtic stumbled. This year I'd guess their chance comes if they hit the ground running as Mowbray's philosophies and endless talk of looking players in the eye takes time to bed in. Even then I'd fancy Celtic to reel them in.

Was I alone in getting this so wrong?

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  1. Got to say, i thought it would be a lot closer that it has been, though I did get the correct outcome. I think the general suprise is down to Mowbray's Celtic just not getting going...