Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chick gets Walter to lay an egg

Old 'uns but good 'uns.

Having been nice(ish) about Chick Young in the last post it's time to redress the balance. So sit back and enjoy as Chico gets owned by Walter Smith.

Given some of the questions Chick asks I'd be amazed if more footage like this doesn't exist elsewhere. All links gratefully received.

I'm sure there's also a story about Alex Ferguson attempting to throttle Archie Macpherson just minutes after Aberdeen had won the title. I believe this took place in the tunnel at Easter Road so I doubt it was filmed but we can but hope.

NB: Walter's language makes it unlikely that you'd want to watch them at work with the sound turned up. On a similar theme I'd suggest a Google image search for "Chick Young" with safe search turned off might not be that safe for work. I feel quite flushed just thinking about it.

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