Thursday, February 11, 2010

Disablity football news

It might not have escaped your notice that this blog is not often found writing paeans of praise in tribute to the SFA.

But we're happy to promote the positive work of the governing body when we see it.

So it's great to bring more news from the SFA's Disability Football section:
Want to get involved in wheelchair football? Whether you're a player or coach, why not come along to the Wheelchair Football Workshop on Sunday 21 February at Grangemouth Sports Centre to learn more?

Members of the French Wheelchair Football National Squad will be helping out and showing what can be achieved in the sport.

The workshop, organised by the Scottish FA in partnership with Scottish Disability Sport, is aimed at new and existing players, as well as coaches who would like to learn more about wheelchair football.
I have mentioned the SFA's work on disability football before but it's well worth a closer look at what they're trying to achieve:
The Scottish FA aims to ensure that those with disabilities have the opportunity to take part in football activities, and are able to progress through a player pathway to enable them to fulfil their potential.

Key Aims:

• To increase the number of footballers with disabilities participating in Scotland.

• Develop a programme of training and competition for footballers with disabilities.

• Develop a pathway to allow footballers with disabilities to compete at the highest level.

• Raise the standard of Football coaching available to players with disabilities by establishing a comprehensive education and mentoring programme for new and existing coaches.

• To raise the profile of disability football and provide appropriate structures that support the programme both centrally and locally.
Increasing inclusion through football is something close to my heart and it's always good to be reminded that the game remains a powerful force for good.

Good luck to all involved on the 21st.

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