Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bye George?

Once more, with a little less feeling.

That probably sums up another abject Scottish performance as well as anything could.

This was bad, bad, bad. Scotland were humiliated again by Wales.

The question remains: how many of these performances can we endure before a change is made?

Before the game George Burley justified his selection of a full back, Danny Fox, because "he'd worked ever so hard" filling in the paperwork to get clearance to play for Scotland.

Football according to bureaucracy.

Burley went on to say that Fox deserved his chance because he "knows what Lee Wallace can do." So, on the back of one cap, the manager has the measure of the Hearts full back.

That's fair enough but seems to be contradicted by the selection of Kenny Miller. We all know what Kenny can do. Miss chances. He duly delivered early on with a miss that the manager pointed to as a turning point.

It's unfair to point to a newly tartanised full back or a striker who fails to strike as the catalyst for failure.

There were other failures and few successes. But the buck has to stop somewhere.

Burley might not use the tactics you or I would use. He might not pick the players you or I would choose. But then, if I met you in the pub, we'd probably disagree on the starting 11 and the formation.

That's football. And it's forgivable if the results are good. They haven't been good for far too long.

Even a defeat can offer glimpses of hope. Not today.

After Wales scored Scotland capitulated. No fighting spirit, no coherence, no backbone. Nothing.

Each and everyone of the players should be asking themselves if they gave of their best today. If the answer is no then let's hope they have professional pride to make sure that never happens again.

The manager should ask himself why he has consistently failed to build a team with any kind of spirit. The players don't look like they want to go out and play for him. That's bad but it is not insurmountable.

Today they looked like they didn't want to play for themselves. That's the end of the road for the manager.

A small nation, a small talent pool. True, but today a smaller nation with a smaller talent pool kippered us. That has to mean curtains for somebody.

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