Sunday, November 08, 2009

Another day of pride

They hate being lumped together. Which is as good a reason as any for writing about them together.

And, yet again, it's an article that I don't really want to write. Another article about how the sections of idiots that both Rangers and Celtic have in their support are making numpties of us all.

On Wednesday night Rangers fans got involved with police in Romania. The club are walking a tightrope of condemnation for the fans and also for the authorities. Ally McCoist has, again, had to speak about his concerns of the club being tainted by a minority.

Sorry, Ally, it's gone beyond that now. The club maybe can't afford to alienate fans at the moment. But what level of provocation is needed to rip a seat off its stand and fling it at a policeman?

Rangers now run a very real risk of either playing behind closed doors or being banned from Europe. Rangers will not be able to guarantee a trouble free trip to Seville. UEFA will act. The bank are going to love that!

And then today a number of Celtic supporters, allegedly, chose to remain outside the stadium and sing their Republican ditties during the minute's silence for Remembrance Sunday.

I know they were outside the stadium. The suggestion that this was some kind of pre-planned protest will forever remain debated. Yet seconds after the event the commentators seemed to know. But they'll be anti-Celtic idiots. Their opinion won't count. How can it if they're not Celtic minded?

Were that heartily voiced band unaware that there would be a minute's silence? Are they alone in Scotland in not knowing that this happens every year?

Did no soldiers from Ireland, north and south, die in the battlefields of France? Did no Celtic fans die in the Libyan desert or the Western Front? Are no Celtic supporters risking the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan?

Is it, in any way, a legitimate protest to embarrass their memory, their sacrifice?

Different teams, different circumstances. But these are the two biggest teams in Scotland. It is Celtic and Rangers that, rightly or wrongly, present to the world the public face of our football.

And, time and again, thanks to a minority on both sides that is an ugly, snarling face full of misdirected hate, labouring under the grotesque misinterpretation of history that is the comfort zone of the extremist.

On Thursday night in Hamburg the home supporters greeted Celtic with Union Jacks and No Surrender banners. After everything that Scotland has given the world we are now exporting hatred.

"Wha's like us?" Damn few – and maybe that's a good thing.

Over on Scotzine they've tackled the minute's silence issue. The "Celtic minded" fans have come out in force to decry the writer as a "hun." He's not. He also never fails to decry the idiotic Rangers fans. When he does that he's a "Tim."

He can't win. But he's right when he chases any of the idiots that shame their club and shame Scotland.

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  1. Of course no one batted an eyelid when those same fans were singing those same vile songs when they visited Greenhill Road in September. Yet Craig Burley took offence when we showed our disgust at the songs.

    The clown on the news last night from a Sellik fanzine should be reminded that this is Scotland, his prejudices and chips should be left where they belong.