Sunday, November 15, 2009

And Smith must... go

It's funny the things that play on your mind when you head to the hills for a week to enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation.

One question kept flickering through my mind. What is the point of Gordon Smith?

His tenure at the SFA has coincided with a dismal downturn in the national team's fortunes. Boozing players and a manager with only the grudging support of his employers. The SFA looks rudderless and are amplifying the impression of the Scottish game in terminal decline.

One big success on Smith's watch, the change in international eligibility, should have been a triumph for football's future role in Scotland's multicultural future. Instead Smith allowed the rule change to get swamped in the Andrew Driver soap opera:
I feel sorry for the boy because, at the end of the day, he knows two girls - he's not going out with either of them. So he's not upsetting either of them by not selecting one or the other - he might still have not made his mind up which one he prefers.
A quote which gives the impression that the SFA is being run by Swiss Tony-lite.

On the day when it was recommended that Scotland's qualifying matches being shown on free-to-air TV up popped Smith again bleating about the loss of revenue for the SFA.

When he should have been rejoicing that the nation could again come together to watch Scotland, Smith was arguing that we should instead be charged or forced to watch the games in the pub.

Let them eat cake, Gordon?

I imagine Smith's extensive media experience was a major factor in getting him the job. But as Chief Executive he has shown himself to be completely unable to set the agenda and even less adept at reacting to events.

There's a lot wrong at the top of Scottish football and one man falling on his sword won't change that.

When he got the job it was suggested that Gordon Smith would be a mould breaking Chief Executive. So far he's just been a crap.

But redemption could lie ahead. Fall on your sword, Gordon. A principled resignation with a parting shot. Expose all the vested interests, hypocrisies and failings that blight the SFA and our other governing bodies. Tell us what needs to change, who needs to be ousted and who can get those changes made.

Do it quickly and you might salvage some pride. Delay to long and your tenure at the SFA will go the way of Brighton's FA Cup hopes.

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