Monday, October 19, 2009

For your consideration

I've been suffering from a spot of writer's block over the weekend. The only way to get past it is to tackle it head on. So, with that in mind, I'm dragging myself away from The West Wing (Series 3) to take a meandering Monday look at some internet stuff that has caught my eye over the last couple of days.

First up (and thanks to Inside Left for the heads up on this) is Two Hundred Percent with 'The Evil That Is The Internet Football Forum' in which a Lincoln City fan neatly sums up the problems of forums. I dip in and out of forums now and it can be hard to avoid the conclusion that they are increasingly populated by the sort of people that you'd sidle away from if they stood next to you at the bus stop.

The black and white nature of the opinions and the overbearing cliqueness that pervades many internet forums quickly become tiresome. You can't knock some of the more outlandish rumours though. Anyone tired of the internet might enjoy the Telegraph's 50 Most Annoying Things About The Web.

There is nobody with a passing interest in Scottish football and access to some kind of platform who hasn't given their thoughts on the Old Firm's search for pastures new. I'll not list them all but there seems to be two different camps. One predicts that the game will die if they leave. The other predicts that the game will die if they stay.

If we are in the middle of a long, painful death then we can always rely on Mr Romanov to cheer us up. Mad, Vlad and Dangerous to Know has broken his long silence to extend an invitation to the Old Firm. So Mr Bain and Mr Lawwell, we deserve an answer. Does the Lithuanian league appeal?

In the few moments of his day when Walter Smith stops agitating for a move he must be thanking his lucky stars that Rangers' financial crisis is being overshadowed by Celtic's struggles. As the fans depart in growing numbers Tony Mowbray urgently needs to find the Viagra that will cure his team's embarrassing impotence.

Murdo Macleod's on the case in the Record as he looks for the successors to Celtic's goal gladiators of the past. Goal gladiators? I don't know either but it seems to be further proof that Murdo's never really recovered from getting smacked in the face at the 1990 World Cup.

One team's frustration is another team's opportunity though and Hibs striker Benji thinks that the Leith side can finish second this season. A big ask but if Benji can con a few more penalties out of generous referees then anything is possible.

Henry Winter, a man who apparently lives his life on a high horse, takes a slightly different view of Sir Alex Ferguson's referee rant in the Telegraph (two Torygraph links - I must have been bored today). For those of us who despair of our lords and masters at the SFA, it's nice to see the English FA under attack as Winter witheringly assesses their priorities.

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