Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Looking down

I am increasingly aware that I don't give anywhere near enough attention to the lower reaches of Scottish football.

So after giving it some thought I've decided I'm going pick a team and track them throughout the season.

I have my reservations about this. I'm still haunted by the way Match of the Day patronised Barnsley during their brief flirtation with the top flight and I'd not want to replicate that.

It's a risk worth taking though. My theory is that I'll be able to give a general picture of the state of the lower leagues by focusing on one team's season. I might, of course, fail or lose interest. If I don't then I think it will be quite interesting.

Which leaves the question of what team? Should I be looking at the First, Second or Third Division. Or lower still into the world of junior football.

Geography might play a part (unless I can persuade the league sponsors to lend me that car) and I'd like somewhere that's pleasant to visit (although I'm prepared not to be put off by Jonathan Meades' documentary on Scottish "football pools towns.")

I'm open to suggestions and persuasion. Bribery in the form of a pie and a pint might also colour my thinking.

Post your ideas in the usual fashion or contact me through the about page.