Monday, September 28, 2009

For your consideration

Some stuff that's caught my over the last couple of days as I've perused the world wide web.

First up Inside Left draws attention to a panel discussion on the state of Scottish football. It takes place tonight at Stirling University. I can't make it myself but hopefully somebody out there will be blogging the results. Added interest is the inclusion of Henry McLeish on the panel. Not because he once played for East Fife but because he's about to lead a review of the game for the SFA.

Let's hope tonight gives him an insight about how strongly the normal punters feel about certain choices those in the charge have made.

As this is a European week attention naturally turns to the big games. Graham Spiers uses his Times column (which seems to be increasingly about Rangers these days) to urge Walter Smith to cut loose against Stuttgart and give Kris Boyd a chance (neatly sidestepping Boyd's own culpability in the Gers' recent drought).

Over at Scotzine they love a poll almost as much as they love a bad run of results for Rangers. So they've combined the two. What do you think? Are Rangers a club in crisis?

The Times also features part two of their serialisation of Michael Henderson's new book 50 People Who Fouled Up Football. Today Ashley Cole, Bill Shankly, Richard Keys and fat Geordies with no shirts come in for the treatment. The full list can be found in part one where Henderson starts off by naming one time Melchester Rovers boss Sir Alf Ramsey as one of the guilty men.

In the Herald Mark McGhee writes intelligently on the ways in which money has changed football as he's progressed from player to manager. Crucially he really seems to get the frustration fans feel when well paid young men act like idiots. Hopefully Aberdeen's latest crop of youngsters are in good hands.

An Eddie May interview features in the same paper. A quiet man but one with big ideas and a steely determination. Enough in the end for him to succeed at Falkirk? We'll need to wait and see.

Two documentaries from Radio Scotland. Be warned, I've not yet heard them but I've heard good things. The first focuses on Eddie Turnbull, a complex figure of hero worship, fear and dislike as a manager and one hell of a player in his time. The second looks at how players cope when their time in the game finishes and they face their own Final Whistle.

And finally Hibs produced the result of the weekend in no small part thanks to the influence of Liam Miller. In yesterday's Scotland on Sunday he spoke, or rather attempted to speak as little as possible, about reigniting his career at Easter Road.

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  1. Have just listened to the Eddie Turnbull doc.10 minutes with old Ned would teach you more about the game than 10 days with the Keegan/Holland line up ESPN are yet again forcing on us.

    Not lost his cutting edge though!