Monday, September 14, 2009

A change is gonna come

I wrote last week that it would take more than sacking George Burley to spark a sustained upturn in Scotland's fortunes.

That opinion is, of course, quite common and it has been given fulsome discussion elsewhere. I'll not bore you with a list of links but reading this excellent piece by Kevin McKenna from Sunday's Observer might give some idea of how far down our problems go:
I thought I was witnessing Govan's next superstar on a Renfrewshire football pitch 10 years ago. He could only have been nine and the ball was a precious thing to him as he cajoled it away from throngs of opposition players; sometimes with his left foot, sometimes with his right. He was the quickest player on the pitch, yet didn't seem to be expending any more energy than the hapless others. And he had a sinewy physical strength that allowed him to negotiate tackles that began to grow more raw and industrial as the game reached its conclusion.
Yet it wasn't one of these ever more reckless tackles that was to bring him down, but the thuggish intervention of one of his own coaches after he had missed a chance. "You should have passed the feckin' ball, ya greedy wee bastard." (Read more...)

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