Monday, August 17, 2009


Hindsight is a wonderful thing. You work long and hard your weekly column and then some smartarse blogger comes along and takes the piss.

But with apologies to Gary Mackay his Edinburgh Evening News ('Yesterday's News Tomorrow') column tonight was unfortunate:
Two of the key players who can really make that formation work in Hearts' favour are new captain Michael Stewart and his vice-captain Marius Zaliukas.

Defenders are key to that kind of set-up because the onus is on them to push the team up the pitch and then, in the middle, Michael can not only close down the opposition but can press forward when the opportunity arises.

I think this season could really make those two players. The manager, in my opinion, has been very intelligent and this is a really clever move by him.

There have been questions about both players' temperaments and that's illustrated by the fact that Zaliukas is suspended for tonight's match. But the added responsibility that they have been given this season could be just what they need, there's maybe a bit of reverse psychology in there and I hope that they embrace the shared responsibility.
How could Tynecastle legend Gary have known that Michael Stewart would get sent off?

Hmmm, well he could have taken a look at Stewart's career which has been blighted by a shoddy attitude and stupid mistakes. It was always a long shot that the armband would change that.

As ever Craig Burley said the second yellow was borne from frustration. More likely bloody idiocy.

With injuries and suspensions Hearts needed calm heads tonight. For the captain to be so reckless is an insult to Csabo Lazlo and the supporters.

It's a tragedy of Stewart's unfulfilled potential that non of us should be surprised that he was the culprit in chief.

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