Thursday, August 06, 2009

Average football matches for under a tenner!

I know I might be the only football fan without access to Sky but, anyway, that's how it is.

I often make grandiose pronouncements about refusing to pour any of my hard earned and ever dwindling cash supplies into Rupert Murdoch's filthy empire.

And although I do believe that, there is a more prosaic reason. It seems I live in the only flat in any municipal area that can't receive either satellite or cable.

Apparently it's a major drawback of having neighbours are that are a) dead (a graveyard), b) oversized (a football stadium) and c) mysteriously quiet (a builder's yard that's a possible front for international money laundering).

The upshot of all that is that Setanta was a godsend. Not only was I given access to the strangely alluring Rebecca Lowe but I could also enjoy live football.

So Setanta's passing left me as bereft as Kilmarnock's accountant. Thankfully the Yanks, in the true spirit of John Wayne, have ridden out of the sunset and saved me.

If you have a Setanta card (or a Top Up TV box) then you can subscribe to ESPN. Phone the nice people there before the end of August and you'll get your first month free and the connection charge is waived.

It's £9.99 a month which, depending on when you signed up, is probably about what you were paying into the fast flowing drain that was Setanta.

As well as Rebecca, the SPL and the games from down south you'll also get Russian, German and sundry other European leagues. And the chance to see Mr Beckham have a hissy fit at US soccer's most militant supporters.

Bet you can't wait.

Oh, and I believe the bizarre spectacle that is Ultimate Fighting will also be available for the sadistic insomniacs amongst you.

(It would be remiss of me not to mention that ESPN is available on other platforms.)

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  1. It would also be remiss to not point out that XL subscribers to Virgin Media get the 3 ESPN channels as part of their package.

    Great minds think alike, i don't have Sky either, baulking at giving the Dirty Digger any opf my hard earned.