Monday, May 25, 2009

End game

All that glitters?
And so we're finished. The cup final remains, of course, but the SPL is done and dusted.

Survival Saturday. Helicopter Sunday. Combined they turned out to be the footballing equivalent of a wet weekend in Blackpool.

Lex Gold took to the airwaves to boast about how exciting the SPL was, how the last day drama was proof of the thrilling brand this is his SPL.

And there was drama. But it wasn't provided by the gleaming quality of our 12 top teams. Rangers and Celtic were still locked in a battle because they are each as poor as they have been at anytime since the mid 90's. Falkirk, Inverness, St Mirren: did any one of them have more claim on survival than the other two.

This is a league topped by mediocrity, stuffed with averageness and rounded off by the truly awful. A helicopter at Gleneagles won't change that.

Will it improve? God alone knows. But, I'd predict, we will all be back, frustrated and enthralled as ever, come July.

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