Thursday, April 02, 2009

Gordon Smith backs manager over Rangers' stars (Late April Fool)

The view from the Scotland squad
Gordon Smith on the Cameron House Two:

"He's made a decision; I know exactly why he's done it – he's told me his reasons. I'm going along with that just now.

"After the game's passed, George and I will have an opportunity to sit down and discuss what's happened in the last few days and review the situation and how it's been dealt with."

Smith revealed Burley did not consult him or the SFA board over the matter:

"We weren't involved in the decision at all. It's George's decision how he was going to deal with the situation that's arisen. He has to deal with behaviour and any sanctions that are taken.

"He also picks the team 100 per cent. It's his decision whether the players are away from the squad.

"We have to give him autonomy in that respect. But we'll be reviewing the situation – I've told George that."

Is all our information wrong Gordon? Are you scared that the Rangers fans would turn against you?

Or, speaking before the match, did you think you could sack Mr Burley and all this would be forgotten.

You always back the manager or you say nothing. Simple.

If the BBC interpreted Ferguson and McGregor's gestures and body language correctly tonight then the two of them have shown exactly where they stand. Pretty much in the sewer.

Some of the booing before the game is laid right at Mr Smith's door.

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