Sunday, November 02, 2008

Great Scott!

Harry Redknapp improbably turns Spurs from zeroes to heroes, from villainy to last gasp valiance in the blink of an eye.

Joe Kinnear rants, raves and ruminates but turns Joey Barton from A Wing to A list as Newcastle rediscover some sort of fire in their bloated Geordie bellies.

And who completes this list of improbable sixty something success stories? Who's next to silver surf the tide of glory?

Probably not Jocky Scott. Newly installed as manager of Dundee, Jocky is back. His tenth managerial job - although the third time he has been at the helm at Dens. One of the great survivors of the Scottish game is Mr Scott, his 61st birthday speeding towards him as surely as night follows day.

And, when I say one of the great survivors, I mean one of those great underachieving characters that seem to punctuate this great, incestuous mire we call Scottish football.

Good luck, of course, to Jocky who does seem to have a love affair with Dundee. And good luck to the long suffering Dundonians in dark blue who might find this appointment another test of their spectacular patience.

Jocky managed to get a draw with Airdrie United today, a result which actually moved them closer to the automatic drop zone thanks to scores elsewhere.

A case of third time lucky? Or familiarity breeding contempt? We shall see...

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  1. Total disaster of a manager. Disaster for the club. Disaster.