Saturday, November 01, 2008

Dull Days Ahead

Are we right to predict a dull season in the top flight?

I think so. We know before a ball is kicked that its going to be a two horse race but we can hope that one of the "diddy" teams will make enough of an early run to cling to the green and blue coat tails for a time.

Not this season. Two mediocre Old Firm sides now sit nine points clear of the team in third. Only one other side has a positive goal difference. Only seven points separate the team in third from the bottom side.

As for Europe: Three down, one in a coma waiting for the life support to be turned off.

We can't look to Hampden for salvation with the World Cup campaign having wilted in the Macedonian heat before being murdered by George Burley's lone wolf.

So the football this year doesn't look great but no doubt the subplots will be as enthralling as ever.

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