Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Rangers Face Destiny

Rangers biggest European game? Last season's UEFA Cup final, right?

No, actually. Try tonight's qualifier for the Champion's League. Don't think so? Then try this. Rangers are 90 minutes away from going out of Europe before the domestic season has started. Out of Europe. No UEFA Cup to break the fall.

Was last year's run a flash in the pan? It was certainly a team achieving something that was at the very limits of their ability. But to go out of Europe this early would be a disaster, a massive disaster.

Remember Celtic are in the group stages this season. The clubs are so close at the moment that a big cash boost for one or the other can make a real difference. So if Rangers fail tonight the ramifications carry on until next season.

High stakes. A high cost of failure. And if they do fail - as I mentioned here - do cracks begin to show in Walter Smith's second reign?

Should be an interesting one.

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