Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some SPL Predictions

We are but a heartbeat away from the new season. So time for some very unscientific predictions:

First managerial casualty:

Mixu. Almost certainly. If the rumours have an ounce of truth in them then a humping by Clyde could mean he's away before the start of the season. To be swiftly followed, I'd guess, by Rod Petrie.

Third place:

Dundee United. I've got a feeling that Craig Levein (man least likely to be sacked) will have got United even stronger this season. Could be third at a canter.


I've got a feeling Hamilton might make a strong enough start to survive. So take your pick from St Mirren, Kilmarnock and Hibs (see above).

A season of reasonable contentment:

Falkirk. Top six again. A cup run. Yogi's stock will rise further.


Celtic again I think. There's a chance Rangers might struggle a bit this year. Celtic might not need to do much to keep the title.

Last Chance Saloon:

Csabo Lazlo. Just because the Heart's job is last chance saloon in perpetuity. Jimmy Calderwood, bit of an enigma at Aberdeen - needs to get the fans back. Kenny Miller, surely now is the time to deliver.


  1. I think Jefferies might be another casualty but unless the results start improving, Mixu might well be out. I've got Aberdeen for third and St Mirren to go down. Celtic for the title. Again.

  2. Good to see you have tipped us for third.

    Personally I think this is a bit out our reach this season but here is hoping.

    I think you have the first casualty spot on, but it will be close between Mixu and Jefferies.

    And I agree Celtic will win the tilte

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    I have put up a link to yours on mine.