Friday, July 18, 2008

Goalie Moly

The whole sorry search for a keeper at Easter Road continues. After Phil Imray, recently of the mighty Wellington in New Zealand, did little to impress against Raith he has joined young Ivorian Lamine Meite in being shown the exit door.

Neither triallist impressed Mixu Paatelainen more than what he's already got. What he's already got is calamity prone Yves Makalambay, gaffe prone Andy McNeill and untried Robert Grof. How bad can the other two be?

Seriously, though, the travails of the goalkeepers at Easter Road point to a wider malaise at the club. When a club that has the pretensions of Hibs can - rumour has it - only afford to sign a player if they can sell a player of the stature of Clayton Donaldson then something is wrong.

The natives are getting restless. Many feel Mixu is not the answer. Most would appear to feel that he is definitely not the answer if the board continue to insist that the manager of Hibs must be skilled in doing his job with one hand tied behind his back.

How long before the fans start to vote with their feet? The message to Rod Petrie is a simple one: you can't play a training ground or a shiny new stand in the first team.

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