Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What Craig said...

"We'd have been as well going at that point, really. Mike could have phoned me this morning and said 'Rangers are going to get three points today, just tell your lads to stay in the house.'

"It is impossible to win here in important games, impossible to win. The referee has bottled it. He bottled it because he knew that if he's given the penalty he would have to send Davie Weir off. In this game who gives a toss about Dundee United, eh? Who cares?

"What will happen now is I'll get my wrists slapped for having a go at the referee. But that guy knew it was a penalty kick but knew the game was so important to Rangers that he couldn't give it because he would have had to send Davie Weir off. His assistant probably had a better view of it but he's not going to put his head above the parapet.

"It's Rangers… it is Ibrox… you can't win. An important game going for a title decider? You can't have Dundee United winning that game.

"I'll be sitting in front of six or eight guys, in front of some disciplinary committee in a few weeks time getting a fine, that's what will happen now, I'll tell you something, after the CIS Cup final (in March] I did my absolute best not to have a go at the referee (Kenny Clark] for denying us a blatant penalty. Maybe some people have mistaken kindness for weakness on my part. There is no doubt if you add what happened today I have every right to be furious. Every right.

"Mike McCurry's not going to referee another one of our games this season. We played well, made chances, passed the ball. They did everything they could to try and win today, be entertaining, try and show that coming here they are not scared, not going to bottle it, and they did that. But what's the point?

"Noel Hunt got punched in the face at the goal, a deliberate punch by Kirk Broadfoot, and Cousin head-butts Lee Wilkie. It is not my players that need to worry about discipline, the referee should control the Rangers players.

"A season long is how you end up in third place or fourth place or fifth place, but these decisions add up. It might be that an extra £125,000 for a league place is added to my budget, in fact I know it would be. It might mean an extra place for me next season. It might mean, when I get an injury I could put a good player on rather than a kid. Do people not think about that? It is all about the pressure on Rangers, that's what it's all about?"

Craig Levein expands on his spat with referee Mike McCurry.

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