Friday, April 27, 2007

Rubbish Football Products Part Two

Jesus Saves! And Denis Law scores on the rebound.

Substitute the Lawman for your own favourite striker and I’ll bet you’ve heard, or read, the joke somewhere.

It’s a lame joke of course. But now it appears it’s a joke based on a lie. Jesus was not a goalkeeper but was – and still is – an outfield player who liked to take on two teams of children at the same time.

This quality ornament can adorn your mantelpiece for a little over 30 dollars. I believe the Chelsea players have similar monstrosities that read “Jose is My Coach.”

There is no mention on the website of this being available for different teams but I guess you could quite easily paint JC’s robes in whatever colours you like. And, as a crowd pleaser bursting with show stopping tricks, surely white sandals would be his preference?

JC? I meant a portrait of John Collins
And, to complete your collection how about this painting of Jesus bursting free from the cross to hunt for the ball as his child followers look on. It was, apparently, a first draft of the Sistine Chapel ceiling!

These classy items come from America and I dare say a thesis could be written on soccer moms, the Bible belt and neo-conservatism.

But it might be more effective just to laugh in their faces!

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