Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Stokes Lesson to Want Away Youngsters

"I'm doing well for myself, I'm scoring goals and what more can I ask for?

"At the moment, I don't see why I would go back to Arsenal unless Arsene Wenger says that I am in the first team or first team squad then I am better playing regularly here.

"I'm in regular contact with Liam Brady and I think Falkirk are in talks with Arsenal about me but there is still four weeks left on my deal here so there is no rush but it would be good to get it all sorted. But it's up to Arsenal at the end of the day."

A refreshingly honest and sensible appraisal of his career from Falkirk’s on loan striker Anthony Stokes.

Picking up his well deserved Young Player of the Month Award for November Stokes did mention that he might, one day, enjoy playing for Celtic.

No doubt the Celtic message boards will be in meltdown right now. But note Stokes was speaking about the future.

This was an interview with a young player just content to be paid for playing football. He hopes still to make it at Arsenal but he thinks he’s giving Arsene Wenger more to think about by playing and scoring regularly with Falkirk.

It’s an admirable, mature attitude that a lot of young Scottish players would do well to copy.

Let’s hope Anthony Stokes sticks to his guns because it won’t be long before another agent or another club come to try and turn his head.

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