Sunday, December 03, 2006

SFA Chase Rich Rewards For Mediocrity

The SFA wants to increase the European Championship to a 24 team tournament.

Lennart Johannson, aiming for reelection as UEFA supreme is in favour. Mainly because it will mean more teams can qualify and so should win him votes from the smaller nations.

It’s tempting. I grew up expecting Scotland to qualify for tournaments. Expectation has been replaced by a kind of forlorn hope.

But the European Championship should be about excellence. I know we’re all supposed to be inclusive these days but an event for the elite shouldn’t be expanded to include the also-rans.

Scotland will qualify when they are capable of doing so. That’s how it should be. With the team improving qualification shouldn’t be far away. The SFA should have confidence in the team and Walter Smith.

Instead, they’re trying to erect a back door that will see their coffers boosted by qualification.

They should remember that Scotland being awarded for mediocrity will do little to boost the future of the game in this country.

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