Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Congratulations to the SPFA, Time for Others To Wake Up

Congratulations to the SPFA for coming out and making a stand against Vladimir Romanov.

Fraser Wishart, secretary of the Scottish Professional Footballers Association, said:

“The SPFA condemns in the strongest of terms what it regards as the wholly unjustified treatment of Heart of Midlothian FC towards our member, Steven Pressley.

"The SPFA and its parent body, the GMB union, have long been concerned about the unorthodox managerial and employment practices of the club and the effects this has had on the personal and professional welfare of our members at the club.

"Steven Pressley has had and will continue to enjoy the full support and backing of the SPFA.

"We, along with our legal team, will offer Steven every assistance to enable him to seek redress via internal football procedures or other means."

I’ve said before that Pressley is the only person to come out of this whole mess with any dignity and he deserves the full backing of everyone in the game.

I almost hope this does end in a Scottish courtroom and Romanov’s running of the club, good or bad, is exposed once and for all.

George Burley and Phil Anderton also still have issues with Romanov that may only be resolved through some kind of legal process.

At the same time Romanov, and his represent on earth, Pedro Lopez, are trying to ensure that any staff leaving Gorgie sign confidentiality agreements that keep a lid on the Tynecastle drama.

The mysterious Mr Lopez now seems to be calling the shots as Director of Infrastructure. Does any other club in Britain have a Director of Infrastructure?

But the fact is that individual disputes, even those backed by trade unions, will not go far enough. The SFA, the SPL and UEFA need to act.

Hearts seem to be in the process of being ripped apart by the personal whims of a man that still has no official role at the club.

Many people will enjoy one side of Edinburgh being made a mockery of. But the whole of Scottish football is suffering whilst this pantomime is being played out.

For the good of the game Vladimir Romanov must be brought to heel by the football authorities.


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    Posted a comment on Sportingo for this article. Seemed to run out of space before i finished - never mind i am sure it was twaddle anyway.
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  2. Sorry to read that Stephen has moved on. He has come out of this fracas with head held high and great dignity.