Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Chick for Christmas

Christmas is nearly upon us. And the pantomime horse of Scottish football, Chick Young, is at it again.

In yet another column devoted to Rangers, the die hard St Mirren fan, waxes lyrical about Jock Wallace and the relative merits of Paul Le Guen.

The Murder Hills at Gullane beach are mentioned as Chick harks back to a simpler time when football was stuck in the dark ages.

Chick, never the brightest of boots in the kitbag and a man whose career defies any measure of quality, is entitled to his opinions.

But why does he mention Rangers signing Scott Brown in particular? I would guess that in January there will, at the most conservative estimate, be 50 players available for less money than Brown who could improve Rangers.

Indeed Chick himself would probably improve Rangers. At least he’d play for the jersey.

I’m sure Chick laughs at non-Old Firm fans when they speak of media conspiracies. Mostly I’d agree with him.

But Scott Brown is a Hibs player on a long term contract who has had a transfer request turned down.

So why does Chick mention him other than to stoke the flames of rumour and gossip that are licking at the doors of Easter Road? And in the week before Hibs play Rangers?

It’s that kind of journalism that annoys people who get their football fix away from Ibrox or Parkhead.

Chick Young. The most popular Buddy in Govan.

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